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Towa Samurai GS Price Gun

Towa Samurai GS Price Gun


Efficient Design

Imported from Japan, this tool offers the user up to six numeric character bands.  The Towa Samurai GS has a unique label feeding system.  The label strip will be pulled through and out the gun by spokes on a sprocket wheel.  The hand trigger has a good feel as the user is operating it.  Also, you can feel the print head come down and strike the label.  This print feedback can help you know how much force you need to use to get the perfect mark for you.  When the ink roller needs changed out, a simple pull out of the holder is all that necessary.   

This Towa Samurai GS includes:

  • All numeric print
  • A high quality steel frame
  • Prints up to 6 positions
  • Uses 21mm x 12mm label
  • How to Load:

    Watch this video to learn how to load a Towa price gun. 

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